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[CE] Star light, Star bright by airnaxela
[CE] Star light, Star bright
Entry for :iconxoxokymmi: Contest! 

"Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight." 

Characters belong to :iconxoxokymmi:

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It's been about a 1 month and 1/2 since Levi and you started dating. Yet you both agreed to not go publicly, well....You whined and complained to Levi to keep it a secret until you were used to it (since you were relativity new to the dating scene, and were uncomfortable with his way of showing affection), but he insisted on being a known couple for Unknown reasons, but you made a deal with him to wait another month, And you can tell he wasn't happy, not one bit.

A incident occurred where people mainly boys were the victim of Levi's frustration. They didn't know what they did to piss of the short corporal, but were too afraid to ask in case they get double the work.

You were walking with bertholdt, Since it was easy to talk to him, he was a really nice guy and he was your first friend when you entered the survey corps. You made a joke and you both laughed.

"Cadet ______ and Cadet Fubar, would you mind telling me what's so funny?"

"nn-uh---haha~haha~ I-I'm sorry sir, but it was nothing." You said wiping tears from your face, you tried keeping a straight face, but you kept smiling every now and then. "Well me a bertl were going to train together, if that's okay with you?"

Levi's eyes looked at you then flickered towards bertholdt, who seemed hesitant under the corporal's scrutiny graze, "...Go ahead." and then looked back at you.

"Thanks Le-Corporal." You responded but caught yourself from saying his name, you got used to saying it when no one was around. "Lets go Bertl~" You happily said to bertholdt as you looked up at him, and he gave a small smile and nod "hm." and looked ahead of him again, but noticed the corporals dark stare.

You both began walking away from Levi, but he grabbed your hand and turned you around to your surprise and grabbed your shirt and brought you to his eye level.

"What the he-

"______, don't you think this is going on to long enough." Levi said through gritted teeth, he was obviously mad about something.

"Let go of my shirt and I'll give you an answer." You said slightly annoyed because you didn't like when he yanks you (but it doesn't happen all the time).

He was slightly appalled by your tone but decided to respect your wishes, but his hand moved to the back of your head before you could have the opportunity to move, keeping you down but slightly closer to to his face.

"I hope that's better, because I'm not moving or anything until me and you come to an agreement, got that." You mentally sweat dropped at his commanding authority.

"Fine but you need to be more gentle with me." You said but all you got was his stoic facial expression. Mentality sighing to yourself you started first, "Like I said for the umpteenth time Levi, this needs to stay between us until I'm comfortable-

"Bullshit, I saw how that brat was looking at you, can't you tell he likes you" Levi interrupted unable to hold in his anger.

"I know he likes me, but I'm not into him like that, and you know that, so if that's all let me go train now, and I'll come to your office and we can discuss more there." You stated hoping to get a positive feedback from him.

"Tch...fine, but if I see him trying to ogle you again I'll beat his ass." Levi grunted removing his hand from your head.

"Levi, Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever change and be more nice to your subordinates." You said.

"Nice isn't in my book." Levi responded as he turned around and began walking, "Oh, and you should tell bertholdt to keep your secret cause he was watching us the entire time." After hearing that you instantly turned around and noticed bertholdt back as he was rubbing his neck, probably due to embarrassment.

You caught up to him before he began walking again, "H-hey bertl~ what you saw back there, uh, was just the corporal giving me orders to train harder, because...I was getting sloppy, that's all." You lied as you were frantically keeping up with him (When he's nervous he tends to walk faster...).

" why was h-he about to stroke your...B-bottom." bertholdt said still nervous, you felt some heart come to your face.

"No no, your mistaken, Since he's short I have to bend down and his arm was doing some gestures on how I should deal with my movements. hehe" You lied, yet again. "So let's just forget that ever happen and just get into training, probably you can teach me some moves to help me improve, eh eh." You nudged him as you both laughed off the tension while going into a clear spot with your training partner.

~Time skip in the fight~

'Oh wow, he is good.' You though to yourself as you were starting to sweat due to the sun and the excess strength and power you had to use against him, ' Is this the reason why most people don't want to train with him?' You thought as you try to dodge a attack but was kicked in the stomach. ' Yep, that's why.'

"arg, uh." You cried a bit as you fell into the ground on your side with a thud.

"________ are you okay? D-did I hurt you?" Bertholdt asked worriedly as he rushed to help you up.

"Yeah it's n-uh...nothing, I'm fine." You hissed as you were brought back up with his help, dusting of the dirt from your clothes. "OK, lets continue."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes~you're really helping me out in getting more attentive." You said punching the air.

"hm." Bertholdt nodded.

You ran to him giving him a taste of what you got and aimed to punched and he dodged it by the last second, an you noticed he was going to attack back so you move some steps back to gain a distance between the both of you and that was the last thing that happened before your world came tumbling down.

*Levi's POV*

'I need to get some more cleaning supplies, I'm starting to run low.' I thought to myself as I stared at the door, after I finished the last of my paperwork and decided to rest before delivering these paperwork's back to Erwin, ' I need some tea.'

I got up from my chair and scooped up the papers from my desk and headed towards the door. I decided to head to Erwin's office first and walked past training grounds and glanced to see how ______

was hol- Ahhh, unhhh!

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

I stopped in my tracks and stopped a cadet handing them the papers and telling him to give them to Erwin. They had a slight disappointment on their face because hey wanted to see what happened but obeyed nonetheless.

"What the hell is going on here?" My voice boom as I pushed myself trough the crowd, and I saw a heap of mangled bodies.

*________ POV*

I grunted as I felt like a ton of bodies was crushing my frame, I wanted to move but it was futile, then my senses came all back as I felt someones lips on mine, I looked up and my eyes widen like saucers.

I was kissing Armin!! This is not good if-

"What the hell is going on here?"

Levi! how the hell am I going to move if Armin is passed out? Damn!

"Get off ME HORSEFACE!" I heard Eren yelling to Jean (obviously) as he used his might to push off the man, which helped in waking some of the people that passed out like Armin and free one of your arms.

"Ah! __-_____, I-Im S-sorry." Armin stammered his face was a a deep red, he then used some of his hidden strength to lift Bertholdt who was still slightly unconscious.

" _____ I apologize again for what happened." Armin said looking down at you, his face a light pink now.

You were about to speak until you felt a shadow loom over you, and you looked up at Levi, (Wow he looks tall from this height! =D )

"H-hey Corporal how's the weather up there." You said trying to add some light to the situation.

"Save it." He said, and put his hands under your arms and began pulling you.

"Hey- stop your going to tear me...." you trailed off as you felt your body being pulled with ease from the underneath, yes you were finally free from that death trap.

"Are you hurt?" Levi asked.

"I'm just slightly bruised, but I can manage." You told him, you were blushing because of what happened earlier.

"Tch. We need to get you cleaned up your a mess." He said, "And I want Fubar, Jeager, kirschtein, Arlet, and the rest of you in that pile of dirt In my office in a hour!" Levi commanded, as he helped you up.

"Yes Sir!" Some of the people saluted while others groaned.

-Levi's office + Time skip -

"______ I took the liberty of getting you clean clothes, be grateful." Levi said as he opened the bathroom door.


"What are you blabbering ab-

"GET OUT!" You screamed again grabbing the clean uniform and pushing Levi out of the bathroom, and you shut the door. Levi stood their for a few seconds with a dumbfounded expression until he recovered and it reverted back to his normal stoic face.

He rolled his eyes and huffed while deciding to go back into his office and drink some tea.

*10 minutes later*

Opening the door you saw Levi sitting in his chair with a tea cup in his hand but seemed like he was in his own thoughts, you quietly went and sat at the couch feeling all bubbly because you felt so good after the shower.

stretching your limbs you yawned and began to slouch a bit, you thought about taking a nap before you went to dinner later on. A few minutes passed before you smelled a strong scent of (cleaning product). You peaked one eye open and was shocked.

"LEVI!" You screeched as you caught his hand that was millimeters away from your face. Shocked by his actions you intended to move from your spot but Levi straddled your hips before you could even move and tried to aim for your arms but you grabbed each one with yours.

"What is your problem! Are you crazy!? I don't even know what is in that stuff, it could be toxic!" You hollered struggling to keep his arms as bay, he was really strong.

"Shut up and let me clean your mouth." He stated, taking a hold of your left hand and putting it in a firm grasp.

"Why? Just because Armin and me accidentally kissed doesn't mean my mouth is filthy. I already cleaned my mouth and scrubbed my lips while taking a shower" You blurted out.

"Doesn't matter, We need to take precautionary actions." Levi said, "Your contaminated, just let me. or you'll be punished."

"I rather be punished then having that deadly liquid touch my lips." you stated, and he moved off of you.

*Knock knock*

"It looks like those brats came on time." Levi said, "______, I hope your ready for your punishment."


'No, no, no!' You though to your self. "I don't want to get dirty again." You whined.

"Crying won't do anything for you." Levi said, pasting by you and shoving you a shovel. " OK! Listen, I want this barn clean up head to toe, and it better be clean like it was just brand new."

"Now get to work." Levi ordered, and three different groups went working in different areas, some were assigned to sweeping, others hay cleaning and bundling, and lastly the worst cleaning horse manure.

Levi was passing by different people who began working and he noticed with a knee eye, Armin blushing while taking a glanced at you who was shoveling a pile a horse dung while keeping it away from you as far as possible. This made Levi slightly jealous, this boy has a crush on my woman and that just wasn't going to work out in the best for him because ________ already has a man, and he makes sure that she's taken.

"Oi brat eyes on your work." Levi hollered at Armin who when back to focusing on his work on picking up hay.  He then went to the others watching there progress and began to slightly hear some whispering and snickering.

"Armin and ________, sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love then co-

"Stop it you guys, your embarrassing me." Armin shushed Reiner and Eren before anyone else could hear it, But Levi hear it loud and clear and wasn't going to let that get off the hook. He walked over to the stall you were in noticing you were leaning on the wall but try to go back to work noticing him, "Wait _______, Lets make a deal."

"What's makes you want to do one all of a sudden?" You asked.

"I'll let you off this punishment, if you let everyone know we're together. Got it." Levi explain.

You thought for sec then remembered what he did earlier, "No, I rather finish my punishment." You smiled.

"Then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage, that's not- Shh

Before you knew it Levi removed the shovel from your hand and in his other he lifted you up and put you over his shoulder, "Ahh--

Levi carried you out of the stall walking to Eren, Reiner, Jean, cConnie, and Armin.

"If ________ is going to be kissing, loving, marrying and making babies with anyone it's going to be me!" Levi stated, giving a smack on your ass to which you yelped while covering your face, hiding your extreme embarrassment and began walking away.

Everyone stood there dumbfound for a few minutes, before Connie piped up.

"Aw man~ I was just going to ask out ______." Jean whined

"Like she would want to date someone like you." Reiner said.

" Yep, Your out of luck man, because it seems like ________ has a thing for short guys, so it leaves out you, you, you, you..." Connie happily said, pointing out Bertholdt, Eren, Reiner, Jean. " and well, I'm not sure about you, but she likes more tough looking guys." He said to Armin.

"Haha, So it seems like I'm the only one that has a shot with her." Connie laughed.

"Yeah right! That's if you want to compete with Levi, and I highly doubt you'll live another day if he sees you hitting and trying to get with her." Eren stated going back to work with Bertholdt.

"Huh, your probably right, well at least I tried." Connie shrugged and went back to shoveling dung.

"You didn't try anything!"

"Levi why did you do that." You asked, your head still low because Levi decided to parade around and make sure everyone knows your together before heading back inside.

"It was meant to happen, nothing to worry about no more." Levi said.

"You need more patience, it hasn't even been a month." You said.

"I was patient enough, be glad."

*Sigh* "Hey, Levi how can you carry me this long?" You changed the subject.

"_____, You have many things to learn. A man's height doesn't make him weaker or any different than the rest. In fact It has it benefits."

"And what are those benefits?" You asked.

"You'll learn when the time comes."

It took you a couple of seconds to get what he was saying, "Urg, You're nasty Levi."

"How is that nasty, that's human nature, and it's a wonderful thing, not to mention pleasurable."

"Ok, ok I get it, just stop I'm already embarrassed as it is."
Patience (Levi x Tall!Reader)
Sorry for all of you guys that was waiting for part 2, but it's finally up. To tell you the truth I don't even know what I was writing I was just going with the flow, I'm sorry if some of it doesn't make any sense at all. I just wanted to hurry up and finish this for you guys. 

I decided to make a sassy/nice reader, tell me if that was a good choice.

I'm always open for new levi x Tall!Reader ideas, just note me. ^^ or criticism if you want to help me improve. =) 

Part 1 -…

I hope you like it! :]

Levi belongs to Hajime Isayama

You belong to Levi2  (or be your sassy you and say "I belong to no one.") (not sure if Levi is going to cope with that, yet you can always have an option and hire Mikasa as a body guard. lol)

Picture doesn't belong to me found it on Pintrest 


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I tend to post irreguraly depending if I'm busy or not.

I'm a Nice and friendly person, so if you want to chat just comment or note me. =D

I also tend I adore crossover pairings, because they're interesting and new.

I'm a person that likes to do a variety of different things from drawing and animating to writing and reader-inserts.

My Favorite Male characters

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Pixis's Granddaughter

LevixWendy Pixis (OC) - Shingeki no Kyojin/Attuck on Titan…

As the only female in the Pixis bloodline, Wendy grew up coddled by the guys. Against her family's wishes, she becomes a recon soldier under Levi's command, but his inability to look past her upbringing keeps her from getting the respect she craves. But Wendy Pixis has inherited more than just her grandfather's eyes, and she's not about to let her Captain talk her down.

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